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A podcast for, by and about women, based in Pittsburgh. Every woman has a story. What's yours?
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May 17, 2017
Glasgow, Scotland native Julie Shields will have you rethinking your basic black wardrobe. As a consultant for the UK-based company House of Colour, she helps clients figure out how to look their best by finding their ideal color palettes.  The former police officer and travel agent (really) says looking your best isn't about impressing others, it's about giving yourself the confidence you need to take on the world.  Instagram:  and at
May 10, 2017

Tereneh Mosley is a Pittsburgh fashion designer who created an eco-design collection with OMWA, the Olorgesailie Maasai Women Artisans of Kenya, which became the catalyst for Idia'Dega, Mosley’s global eco-design fashion project. Tereneh talked with us about her goals for the fashion line and the collaboration and why she wanted to work with indigenous women to help them become self-sufficient.

May 3, 2017
Gisele Fetterman is a nutrition activist, a hugger and the First Lady of Braddock, Pa. Born and raised in Brazil, Gisele emigrated to the US when she was 9 and lived in the shadows as an undocumented immigrant for a decade. She founded Freestore 15104 in Braddock, where surplus and donated goods are received and redistributed to neighbors in need.  The Freestore has inspired five spin-off locations. Gisele co-founded 412 Food Rescue, a community-wide effort to end hunger and reduce food waste, working with food retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, and other food providers to rescue un-sellable but perfectly good food to feed the food insecure. It came about through her work with the Freestore. She also is co-founder of For Good PGH, a non-profit that works to advocate inclusion and inspire kindness. Its first initiative, Hello Hijab, has received both national and international praise. She's married to Braddock mayor John Fetterman and the mother of three children. Since she has so much free time (ha!) Gisele spoke with us about how she came to Braddock and her motivation to try to spread kindness in her corner of the world.